Where Chiropractic and Medical come together for the ultimate in Pain Relief.

Our Services

Gentle Specific Chiropractic Care

We use Gentle Specific Chiropractic Care for the correction of neck, mid back, lower back, hip, and extremity pain, as well as abnormal postural stress and joint malfunction.

Targeted Gentle Medical Intervention

We offer Targeted Gentle Medical Intervention without the use of opioid drugs. Our case co-management with Medical Pain Management doctors reduces pain more efficiently with better, longer lasting results.

Therapeutic Exercise Therapy

We suggest Therapeutic Exercise Therapy treatments for flexibility and core strengthening to enhance long term results and stability.

Physician Directed Therapeutic Massage

Physician Directed Therapeutic Massage and Manual Hands-On Therapy is used to relax muscles, and reduce damaging trigger points, adhesions, and fibrotic muscle tissue.

About Us

With almost 30 years of experience, Dr. David Mancuso D.C. has integrated the ultimate case co-management between the chiropractic and medical worlds.  Our gentle pain management procedures are easy to understand, safe, and effective. Our results speak for themselves. Better, safer, longer lasting results are only a phone call away.  

Our Mission

To get as much integrated pain management and wellness care to as many people as competently possible.  To educate and effectively treat as many people as possible that are suffering with acute or chronic spine and / or extremity pain.  Finally, to re-invigorate hope and the belief that all or most pain can be improved and possibly prevented. We want our patients to take back their POWER and live life more fully. 


Mesa Location

Email: Powerpainllc@gmail.com
Phone: 480.654.8033

7254 E. Southern Ave.
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Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm

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