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What Our Patients Say About Us

  • Dr. Dave offers a wide range of services and really helped me to relieve my pain.

    - Luke N.
  • I came to Power Pain with terrible knee pain and swelling, along with lower back pain, that had plagued me for years.

    I got great results with my lower back and was skeptical of the stem cell therapy for my knees. After seeing the medical team, my pain is gone, and my knee range of motion is 100+ % of normal.

    This is an incredible ANTI-AGING miracle, a powerful path to wellness, and the WAVE of the future. I've been active throughout my life, and couldn't imagine ever having to have knee replacements.

    I highly recommend Dr. Mancuso and the friendly, professional medical team that changed my life.

    - Paula L.
  • I had a great experience at P.P.R. with Dr. Mancuso and his great staff. I've had chronic pain for years and had lost hope in finding relief.

    The combination of chiropractic, muscle therapy, and regenerative medicine has completely changed my life.

    I'm forever grateful ! Thank you Dr. Dave and Power Pain Relief.

    - Lindsey Y
  • Dave is great! Helps me and my daughter. I most definitely recommend P.P.R. if you want to feel physically better this is the place to go!

    - Michael C.
  • I will say that I have been going here for some time. I am feeling much better. My range of movement has improved greatly. The migraines have been an issue most of my life. I can say they have improved as well. I recommend David 100%.

    - Ree T.
  • Dr. Dave is one of a kind and truly cares about the needs of his patients. I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to diagnose and treat my symptoms. Most importantly, after only 9 injections my back pain went from a "10" of constant pain every day for the past 15 yrs to being able to get out of bed and feel like a 22 yr old athlete again! There is an alternative to living the rest of your life in pain... Go see Dr. Dave!

    - Scott G.
  • What a fantastic experience especially going to the chiropractor. I've been going to a chiropractor for the past year and never have I experienced more well-rounded, experienced, friendly office! From the moment I walked in dealing with the front office to the service received from the doctor's table to get my exam and adjustment with Dr. Mancuso is phenomenal!!! He gave me advice on exercises and ways to improve my issues. I'm so happy to find this place and will be telling all my friends and family!!

    - Jenny
  • Dr. Mancuso always does an awesome job! He knows exactly how to tend to my needs as a patient as he kills everyone with kindness! Definitely recommend him 5 stars all day!

    - Bre C.